How does the electronic sit-in work?

When you click on the link to enter the sit-in, a new window will open with a page that takes about 40 seconds to fully load. This is the solidarity sit-in page. This page will continuously send requests to the website of the President of Iran asking for pages that cannot be found, like equality, justice, etc. This will keep the President's server very busy and, if the numbers in the sit-in are high enough, will crash the server.

What do I need to do?

Once the page loads, just set the connection speed at the lower part of the page, leave the window open and your connection on. THE LONGER YOU KEEP THIS PAGE OPEN THE BETTER. That is all you need to do to take part in the sit-in. Keep the sit-in browser window open in the background and continue working in your current window, but be sure to LEAVE THE SIT-IN WINDOW OPEN IN THE BACKGROUND. Not Found messages are built-in and expected errors.

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